Pittsburgh Solidarity Vigil for Charlottesville Terror Attack


“Mourn the dead and fight like hell for the living!” 🌹✊️🌹✊️🌹✊️

A powerful display of solidarity tonight in Pittsburgh following yesterday’s white supremacist terror attack in Charlottesville with well over 300 people! The vigil was socialist led, as many of these groups like the ISO, DSA, IWW and AntiFa had members who were on the frontlines in Charlottesville the previous day, and various healthcare, racial justice, union and other justice oriented organizations came together to mourn and unite in the fight against fascism & white supremacy while dreaming of a better world that puts people over profit.

An inspiring night and a glimpse of what could be possible moving forward with a united effort between left of Democratic Party organizations who are pushing for a world that goes beyond the limits of liberalism and the Democratic Party: Universal healthcare, living wage, stronger unions, more workplace democracy, getting big money out of politics, ending imperialist wars, investing money in public goods like education and health, and more!


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