Solar Eclipse Photo Essay

A Temporary Collective Consciousness & Remembrance

It was as though the sun & moon momentarily carried millions to a collective childhood & remembrance today.

Humans, of all ages, were curious, humbled, inspired, and in awe for hours all across the country and reminded of the sheer magic and power of the cosmos and our delicate and rather gentle existence. ✨

The stars, planets and cosmos creatively collided in time and space creating energy, images, environments and feelings that no language will ever be able to sufficiently describe. ☄️✨☄️

But maybe more inspiring today was the momentary collision of a collective consciousness. A childlike consciousness and remembrance of limitless creativity, curiosity, awe, and wonder. An awareness of our interconnectedness amongst the cosmos and are temporary place as we all surf thousands of miles per hour through space and time.

Perhaps even the sober reminder and realization that this is the only world we got and if we want our grandchildren and their grandchildren to experience the same magic and feeling then we better start changing some systems.

It made me wonder: Is that desire to protect and fight for our planet and the non-human world just a constant and collective childhood spirit and memory, strongly connected to the sensuous non-human world, that yearns to stay alive and be witnessed by generations yet to come?⚡️


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